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Buca was great, no worries.

Check out the link to my pics...when you are viewing a pic you can right click and save a version of the pic at 800 x 600 or click the "download this picture" on the right hand side and save a high quality version. There are a couple more good Buca pics driving your rig.

The off camber stuff did not bug me too much, but I was in the lowest center of gravity truck...the only time all weekend I had the advantage.


Originally Posted by RockRunner View Post
Thanks to Greg and Robbie for setting this up and showing us what and what not to do. I feel far more comfortable in my ability to lead some of the medium type trails as long as I don't get lost. Unfortunately I had to leave before the recovery class but will make it up when the next one is set up.

I will post my pictures tonight hopefully for all to see.

To all that posted pics already, thanks!! If possible could you guys send me the pics so I can add them to my 4x4 picture book? I am going to blow up the one that Tim took of Cheeseman............I mean Buca driving my truck, Sharon will love that.

I hope Buca wasn't to much of a burden to anyone and really appreciate all of you looking out for him. He loves trucks and always has to go to them, scary.
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