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Originally Posted by Mendocino View Post
I have an old antenna that I used when I had a company radio in my truck years ago. I don't remember what part of the spectrum it used. The antenna length is ~59." Using the 468/λ=Length (in Ft), I then solved for what I knew: 468/4.958(antenna length in Ft)=94.38λ(in MHz). Then I divided 300/94.38 and got 3.14 (3 meter band).

So, if I did this correctly I don't think I can use this antenna for 10 meter of 70 centimeter with any reasonable level of efficiency. Please comment and feel free to correct any sloppy logic.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the equation that you gave for finding the length of a dipole? That is, with the 468 factor in it. For a 1/4 wavelength (how do you put a lambda in here anyway?) plane-wave antenna, I believe that the factor should be 234. This would give a frequency of 47.2 MHz and a wavelength of 6.36 m; hence, the antenna is for the 6 m band.
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