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Originally Posted by RockRunner View Post
Stopping is what was a costly mistake for me this weekend. We were on Cliffhanger and heading back when we came onto the section that is off camber, to the drivers side now. I did not look ahead enough to see the whole trail so when I felt to tippy I decided to back up..........costly mistake.

I backed up about two to three feet and all of a sudden I could not go any further. Seems I backed up into Jethro's 80 I had the spare tire on my 4Runner and it only dented my tailgate some and knocked the window of the track. Jethro on the other hand got the worst of it. Broke his (borrowed) Ham antenna and dented his hood pretty good I had no clue he was behind me and all I wanted to do is get from rolling, I am sure I wasn't even close but that pants feeling was there and it told me back the heck up now!!

If I would have had more seat time in the truck at angles I would have known that I was OK and could have pushed on. I drove it before what was different now?? No spotter and me not looking ahead on the trail memorizing what I was about to drive over. An expensive lesson to learn but .............

but it sure was fun to get on the cb and yell "beep beep beep" whenever you went into reverse the rest of the weekend!!!
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