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I figure when the call sign comes, it comes. I've just been having fun - heck, I don't even have a radio yet that I can listen on let alone talk on so I'm in no hurry. And with a vowel challenged last name like I have it is always a crap shoot to see if whoever enters the information in gets it right or not. Sometimes I'm Zettle, Zehl, Zettel, etc. etc.

As far as the test taking, it wasn't near as "structured" as I though it would be which was fine by me. By that I mean we didn't all sit down at the same time, get tests, and then all start at the same time. Some started earlier than others, some finished earlier than others. Heck, 1/2 the group was still over at Chipotle eating burritos while others were already taking the test so by the time they started taking the test some of us were already done. In the end I think that worked out better for the VEs and VEC as it gave them a chance to sort of spread the overall load out a tad
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