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Originally Posted by RockRunner View Post
My parts are for a mini but may fit others?

Short and long axles with birfs
Rear drive shaft
Front axle seals
Power steering hose(s)?
Other miscellaneous parts.
We do need to make sure not to end up with tons of redundant parts that are bulky, heavy and don't have a huge chance of breaking. Not sure what those might be (maybe only 1 water pump, 1 oil pump, set of front and rear wheel bearings, etc amongst all of us). But I'm bringing at least one and probably two extra CV axles for my IFS. The drive shaft issue, see I have an XtraCab with the two-piece rear and it's a mile long. So do I find or build an extra drive shaft or just collect all the u-joints and carrier bearing and hobble something together? Just dunno right now.
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