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I'm running a lip mount on the DS of the hood. I wish it was on the PS, which would maybe look funny if I had the radio antenna up, but at least it would always be out of view. Though as it is now I have 3 antennas, if you count the radio & CB, so it's already silly. I know on the roof is best, but then I can't fit inside garages, even with it folded.

I'm thinking of getting a shorter one like 60wag has then put it on the rear hatch, that way I can leave it up all the time and on those few outings where a better dual band antenna is needed, swap it over. Of all our setups, I like Bruce's the best because it's so practical.. sure his range isn't as good with the little guy but 90% of the time either the truck you're talking to is a mile away or you're on a repeater anyway, so bfd..
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