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Reno to the trail head is close to 3 hrs either way you go(straight up I80 to truckie, around the west shore, or down to carson, along south shore then out to Ice house rd). Ice house is not quite to Placierville. Once you hit Ice house rd, it is well over 1 hr(more like 1.5 hrs) to the trail head, all slow going on the pavement, winding rd. So if yo leave in the morning from Reno, you may have to leave at 5-5:30am to leave at the 9am start time. As for South lake Tahoe hotel, On the cali side is a Motel 8, I think a Hotel 9 (or something like that), When I have stayed at this place before I think I paid about 50/night. for the Motel 9 place. It was going though a remodel the last 2 years, so prices may have gone up if the remodel is done. Do not know if they allow dogs.
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