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You guys may also want to talk about what recovery devices you all may have and are going to carry. I know many have Ham radios. What about one sat phone for the trip, split between you all in case of unhappy moment( I will be behind you guys with a sat phone in the FJ crew, but that may be a bit too far. But I will have a HT with me and on with spare batteries). First aid kits and what levels every one is at. At least(if not two) person/s(at a min) should be responsiable for med history (of every one in the group) and drugs needed and where located(diabeties, bee sting kit,etc). Just more stuff to talk about.
Any way more useless thoughts from the peanut gallery I call home.
It might be important for you all to know where UB's depends are when he has one of those moments!!!
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