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Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
So what do you guys think?
  1. Dinner/drinks/etc in Reno. Stay there Tuesday night. Drive 3 hours to the trailhead Wednesday morning.
  2. Dinner/etc in Reno. Drive another few hours to Motel 9 or where ever. Drive 1 hour or less to the trailhead Wednesday morning.

Option 2 appeals to me, honestly. I love a cold beer, but I'm not much on gambling (other than a poker game among friends).
Why are we not staying at the campground at loon lake? skip the drive in the morning and enjoy the easy start too the day. it could be a long day on the trail. adding the extra 3 hr drive or the extra cost of a hotel seems unnessary. It would be a nice rest from the 2 days travel. We can set up a camp spot for tim and bruce so when they get in its all ready. and they can talk too us on their pork raidos, and it will be like their there.
thats My .02
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