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Originally Posted by Romer View Post
Rachel and I will be staying at a hotel/motel coming and going. Thats one of her requests. besides, we will be on the trail from Wednesday to Sunday, plenty of time for camping.

I like option 2 Matt
It's not the camping time Im talking about. It's the drive 2 days 2 nights stay in a hotel for just a few hours of crappie sleep for X amount of $ (some of us did not choose the high paying corp. job life path) get up at 5:00am drive 1.5 to 3 hours after a crappie breakfast. jump on the trail if you are there in time and spend as much as 10 hr on the trail with a group as big as ours. But I think the group can kind of split up once were in the area and choose what works for them and be at the trail head on time ready to go for a LONG day of fun in a epic setting.

Side note. one year Of the 5 I have done this We had to wait at the top of the big bowl while a commercial was being filmed. they had helicopters flying over with camera on them filming inline skaters skating the bowl at a high speed. they stooped by slamming into big gym pads. it was a cigarette add for japan. go figure
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