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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Did anyone else jump over to simplex last night and monitor Nathaniel & I? I sure didn't hear anyone.. other than W0IIN who was coming in nice and clear. Want to try this again for sure, it really worked well from up on the hill though I bet I could hit most of you guys now.
I did, but not so much as a peep from W0IIN. I heard you pretty good, S6-S7. I had the HT with the SRH77CA on it, which is a pretty decent antenna. I didn't want to interfere with W0IIN since I could not hear anything, didn't even break the squelch with noise, and so I didn't try TX'ing to see if you could hear me.

I should say that 145.145 was pretty clustered last night. Frank and someone else were having a QSO when Rising Sun hams started showing up. We do not have a set net time on 145.145 since we are not paying members of the CRA and so we do not have any rights to the repeater and have to be careful about listening for a while before starting to talk. I had a bit of a feeling that we ran off the guys already using the repeater. Need to make sure to practice good operating techniques! Listen for a while, wait for a break and ask if you can use the repeater. If they are nice and say sure, all is good. Otherwise ask if you can make an announcement to move your group to a different frequency. Last night both 146.805 and 147.225 were quiet at 2100 and we could have moved our ragchew there as a courtesy.
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