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Frank and that other guy were bouncing around just about everywhere all night. I heard them at about 7:45 when I started monitoring 145.. all was quiet until about 8:30 so I announced my call sign then then Convert piped up and he & I talked for about 20 minutes uninterrupted. So if they jumped back in just before 9 they were probably making their rounds again, but I don't feel like we were interrupting their QSO.

Agreed, though, that best practice is to listen first. But if I'm going to learn any etiquette it's going to be from folks like you, Nathaniel, and Ricardo, not these guys..

edit: And Dave, as you know we typically leave long breaks so next time by all means jump in. Nathaniel maybe you should have turned up the power a bit, and maybe I should have turned down? I'll have to go see what I'm at, was probably all the way up on 50 watts though since I needed that to reach Matt before the last RS meeting.
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