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Today's (3/11/08) new amateurs from Colorado. Congrats! I recognize most of you in here.

KD0DHG Hamilton, Melford S
KD0DHH Hamilton, Jeffrey A
KD0DHI Hoover, Corbet E
KD0DHJ Miller, Matthew T
KD0DHK Bosley, David D
KD0DHL Farr, Karie H
KD0DHM Buchanan, Timothy V
KD0DHN Stafford, Chris
KD0DHO Morgan Jr, William H
KD0DHP Yoder, Scott R
KD0DHQ Koons, Michael D
KD0DHR Chaney, Mark A
KD0DHS Prewitt II, William C
KD0DHT Zettl, Jeff S
KD0DHU Jones, Sean K
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