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Originally Posted by nuclearlemon View Post
ford will pull the camper just fine, but then how do i get the pig there

Just a thought here, because even pulling a popup with an 80 the hills aren't fun

I'm thinking of pulling our popup over to Vail or Edwards area with my FIL's Dodge Ram and then leaving the Dodge somewhere there and continuing on with the LX and popup (the would drive the LX to Vail area). My FIL has even offered to pull the popup over there and then meet back up with us on the return trip . Yeah, he is a pretty damn nice guy

So, could you find someone willing to drive the pig over to Vail and do the same? Other possibility, but more work, would be to pull the popup over, drop it, go back for the pig, drive it over, hook up the popup and go. Reverse the scenario on the way back.

Yeah, a LOT of work here...You'd have to find a spot to drop the popup or one of the vehicles, extra travel time and gas $$ etc. But, it probably gives you an idea of just how bad I thought it sucked pulling the popup with my LX was last year. I didn't mind the going slow and extra time, it was the stress on the LX I didn't like . Going up Vail pass and Eisenhower doing 20-25 at max RPMs in 1st gear sucked...West to East (coming back) was worse than going out.

Option 2: hook up to Romer and have him pull you over the passes

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