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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Ok, so how much is the thing? $100? $1000? I'm in for a group purchase of one if it's at all reasonable.. Corsair we'll slap it on one of your trucks then you see how it does. If it bites, we get our money back. If it works, you'd be a fool not to pay the rest of us our shares and keep the thing. Then we all rush out and buy one. win-win, right?

edit: ok I just found the mud post So $1000 for the thing, then a "professional" install? I'm a little fuzzy there, I'm not sure my mechanic has been to this seminar yet. Anyway, I'm in for a bill if 9 of you other guys are, let's put one in Jeff's LX.

Sorry, I didn't link to the thread 'cuz I was hoping the poster will start up a dedicated thread. I'm always skeptical of this crap but the poster seems to be gung-ho on it and plans to install it in his 80 and provide test data...We'll see. He "claims" to have installed it in other vehicles already. It would be to get a 50% increase in gas mileage. It would be even er to get a 100%+ increase like some of the claims state. I was going to watch from the sidelines to see what happens.

Honestly, my annual mileage is so low that it would take me 2+ years at the current gas prices to cover just the cost of the kit. I put together a quick and dirty spreadsheet that lets you input your MPG and fuel price figures for comparison (see below).

Cost as I understand it is the $1000 + installation. The guy said you can install it yourself but if you do the $$ back guarantee is voided. Guess they plan on certifying places to do the installs or something . Maybe Robbie would be interested? Maybe Christo could get Slee certified .

As for putting one in the LX...No can do. I have 18 months or so left on the extended warranty (yeah, shoot me but I had HG paranoia at time of purchase) and I'm pretty sure they'd probably frown on me doing this .

Now I do have a '97 FZJ80 we could experiment on though . Just don't tell the
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