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Originally Posted by corsair23 View Post

Dave, I don't understand half of what you post but it makes fascinating reading non the less

On the ECU issue, if I read correctly (in the thread on MUD or at the website), their is a piggy backed ECU somewhere in the mix that may handle some of the issues I think you are talking about.
They aren't gonna undo thermodynamics with a piggy backed box, so all they can do is remap the fuel profile to compensate for anything their gizmo might do. Now that I think about that, I wonder if that's the key, their chip. Putting a hyper-economy aggressive fuel map into the ECU would make your MPG skyrocket, although it would be like driving a 6,000 lbs Hilux with a 22R-E... S L O W. That could be the trick, you bolt on this $1,000 box that doesn't really do all that much, but with it you have to put this chip in to make it work. All the tricks are in the chip. It's like a distraction, watch this hand, watch this hand, as the other hand is liberating your of your wallet.
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