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What about finding some 1" spacers to get the suspension up a bit(front and rear), make some bump stops if you need to control some rub. Buy the 35's you want and call it good for now. As for the ride out, camp mostly, Fuel if looking at 3.50/ gal and 100 gal each way with a full tank at the begining, that is like 900 give or take. Split between you and your passenger. Food is food no matter if you are home or on the road. This get the bill down a bit. Tires are the big dollar ticket here. You need tires no matter what(difference between the 33 and 35 is not that much, heck I have a 35 mtr for a spare if you need, not mounted with some tread left), and Ben is doing the swap on the gears(hope so).
Any how it does not have to be as big a bill as you are presenting. I am sure some other ideas are out there with some other folks. Some guys on mud run 35's with a 2.5 inch lift( and report no rubbing). It can be possiable. Good luck with this.
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