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Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
Thanks for all the thoughts, guys. I will look into doing the lift on the cheap. As I mentioned, I already have some 1.5" spacers for the front. Anyone know what I can use to space the back? Or should I just buy some J springs and hope that they get me level?

I'm still not certain if that means I can afford to go.
My truck is pretty heavy in the front but I have Js with 1.5" spacers and they are level with my 863 "heavy" rears. I'll bet your truck is lighter than my truck in the back (note careful wording to avoid heavy rear-end jokes and quotes ) and so you should have similar clearance. I have not flexed it much but don't think I'd have issues.
I'm switching to extra heavy 864s (trailer towing issue) so the heavies would available at a bigtime-super-duper-extrie-low club member price
Mike W.
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