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Hey Mike there's a guy on mud selling a set of 864's, did you see that? Was on the first page last night, shouldn't be too buried at this point.

Matt you can get spacers for the rear, maybe Christo has some?.. MAF sells the trim packers but like their name states, they ain't free.

But I think that's the wrong direction personally: you want to set your truck up good, and do it right, once. Don't hack together a makeshift lift that will just annoy you, or worse create an issue we get to resolve 1000 miles away from our jack stands.. Remember you need to cut your sliders down to prevent 35's from rubbing too... and if you switch shocks you definitely have to do bump stops. Why not just snatch up a set of used 33's from someone and just go for it as-is? Like Jeff said, you're a good driver and can totally do the trail with 33's, we're talking a 20mm difference in clearance here, I bet you could find a used set of tires for ~$300 and you're done, take the 80.

or just drive the 40, you can hop in with me while Subzali drives if you need a break from the wind.

Then do the real 4" lift, gears, slider mods, and 35's this coming winter..
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