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Originally Posted by timmbuck2 View Post
not to hijack....but damn, if Subzali's 40 is not 'ready' for Rubithon, what chance does MY 40 have?!? And my 80 is nowhere near ready...and I need vacation time for when the baby comes in August............
I think Subzali worries too much. I figure if I keep telling myself my truck isn't ready or whatever I'll never do anything. It's been a slow speed train wreck for 8 years now and you see how far it's come... I'm coming to terms with the fact that it will never get an SAS, bobb'ed tail, 35" tires and all that. So I'm just doing it and keeping my fingers crossed. Once I get the sliders on and finish hacking up my Budbuilt IFS skid I will be able to start getting a feel for how bad this is gonna hurt. By mid April I hope to be testing it on stuff to see... I think we get too dazzled by gadgets and convinced we need this bit or that that we paralyze ourselves from taking any risk. They're just trucks and can be fixed! How cool will it be getting my junk through the Rubicon?
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