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Originally Posted by timmbuck2 View Post
not to hijack....but damn, if Subzali's 40 is not 'ready' for Rubithon, what chance does MY 40 have?!? And my 80 is nowhere near ready...and I need vacation time for when the baby comes in August............
I'm just being anal retentive about my truck - last year it swallowed a hose clamp that took me two months of wrenching in the cold dark to get back on the road. This winter I broke my rear pinion in Moab that again took about two months of wrenching to get back on the road. I'm tired of working on my truck, so I'm keeping it on trails that I have a good chance of NOT breaking something on. I'm not doing Spring Creek this year, even though I've done it twice with no problems. The hardest the trails are going to get this year at Moab are the Overnight run, Elephant Hill, and maybe Onion Creek.

I'm sure my 40 could do the Rubicon sitting on 31s with a rear locker and manual steering - but you know what? I just don't want to deal with it, it's kinda like I'm tempting fate - I would rather go back there when (if) I'm sprung over, sitting on 35s, power steering, with heavier duty springs to carry the extra weight of my camping gear, fuel, and other storage and spare parts. The minimum requirements are 33s, I don't want to do a 4" spring under lift to accomplish this, and frankly I don't have the money or time to dedicate to this to make my truck ready. For me personally - sure maybe I could do it, but I don't think this is the right trip (for me) to be getting by by the skin of my teeth. I'm just choosing to fight a different battle.

I wouldn't mind driving my 40 out there, but why? So I can park it somewhere and have it stolen by the end of the weekend? So I can shake rattle and roll myself to death without the benefit of taking it on the trail (just because I have decided that's not what I want to do)? No, I would rather split the driving time (I just did the drive a year ago, I know how long it is) and the fuel costs with somebody else who is planning on running their rig on the trail. Like Matt's 40. Or someone's 80. Or whatever.

Originally Posted by MDH33
On second thought, after reading this post: I think you should just sell your 40 and use the funds to fix your 80 and go on the trip.
The only problem with this is that pretty much every Cruiserhead who has sold their 40 has regretted it for years, and usually ends up getting a new one later. But usually that new one isn't as good as the one they originally had. You have history with a truck and it's hard to get rid of.

Sorry for the hijack, Matt it would seem to me that if your 80 has sliders in addition to its front and rear bumpers then sitting on 33s will get you through the trail (remember we have EXCELLENT spotters in our group), and if you're still worried about it then I am 100% with you if you decide to drive your 40
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