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Originally Posted by wesintl View Post
I dunno what you're talking about My range is 500+ miles with a 23gal tank

Nice Pics! While I like moab.. I love the surrounding areas more.
True. You definitely have us all beat with the diesel. I looked at a conversion for my truck, as the 2L-T is a direct bolt in, but its so expensive, and so is diesel fuel, i figured I could hold on to gasoline for a while longer.

I think what I love most about a trip like this is that it's exactly why I have a modified 4wd. Don't get me wrong, I love driving on trails, and being able to say, "I did such and such". For me, the real thrill of wheeling is doing this. Showing up to a road with nothing more than a map, and a good attitude, and having no idea what to expect.

Black Dragon easily could have been a 4 out of 5 if you took the hard lines, but as you can see, we had 2 bone stock trucks up there.

I love that sense of adventure when exploring areas you don't know anything about.

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