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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Why don't you guys form a RS trailer sub-committee? Someone step up to lead, then propose the club buy the trailer, then get it. You all (those wanting to trailer a rig to Rubithon) then personally chip in and buy Mike the 5th wheel hookup, plus help with fuel. Mike also gets to use it to take his & his dad's 40's to Moab. I don't have a 40, or a rig that needs trailered, but I'd still vote in favor of that, even if the club took a small hit on the resale.

Or heck, the club already owns one trailer, maybe it just needs to own another one capable of hauling vehicles? only real issue is storage & having a club member with a truck capable of pulling the thing.. but sounds like those may be doable? Or just sell the trailer after Rubithon and give the $$ back to the club. Mike keeps the 5th wheel stuff, you all still come out way ahead on transport.
Sounds like we found our chairman.
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