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Originally Posted by PatrolMan View Post
Very nice pics and great write up! I have been to Goblin Valley before for a brief stop. Never heard of Black Dragon. Will have to look into it as we are planning out a trip for October into Utah and wanted to stop at Goblin Valley.

I like the build. That is where my 4Runner will basically be except I am sticking with petrol. Diesel is just too much $ for my blood (only put 1,500 miles or so on the 4Runner last year). I can usually get 20-22mpg still with the roof rack. Question-what locker do you run up front? I had a lockright and felt like is was a POS. Still looking into another option for down the road. Honestly the rear e-locker does more than enough for now.
Diesel is too rich for my blood too.

I run ARB's front and rear. I would buy them 1000000 times over.

I'm sorry you had a lockright. Before I bought my lockers, I drove a spool, a lockright, and a detroit on the street. I couldn't stand ANY of them. But the lockright was sweet. Thought it was fine popping and grinding away around a turn, then it locked up, and my heart almost stopped. I thought the truck was going to pitch onto its lid right then and there.

I thanked the guy, shakily walked back to my truck, and drove away.

2 months later I found a SWEET deal on another forum for a front ARB, and a mini compressor. I was totally sold.

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