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For some reason I thought you said you were running a diesel. I haven't ever gotten 25mpg out of my 22r or 22re, even empty with a light foot. Of course mine have 220k+ and haven't been opened for any reason.

I went with a Toyota e-locker for the rear. The only reason I went with the Lockright was at the time there was no ARB available. It was about the only locker available for a 7.5. I would go for another locker in the front in the future, but it definately has to be selectable! Honestly the single rear locker does enough that I really don't need a front locker. It would just reduce the need for the skinny pedal as much in certain situations and wear/tear on the rig.

So now that we have seen pics of Black Dragon, we are gonna try to fit it into our trip in the Fall. Thanks for the great writeup and pics!
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