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Default BTTT and duplicated in the Rubi thread

We created a new sub forum for this trip. Here is the list right now. Please post up any corrections on this list and it will get moved to the new home. If there is a question mark by your name I am not clear on your intentions. The time is here to quit chatting and start getting organized! Use this thread for Rubithon chat and what-if's but lets keep the new thread clean and factual!

Registration has begun! You can, however, register late, clear up to June 1.
OK....I skimmed back and this looks like the list....please correct or update!
Bold print is confirmed information

1.Timm B. - 40!
2.Matt F & Jeff z. - 80 w/fridge
3.Tim N. + Kevin K.+1(?) - 80 OBA,RTT?
4.Dan R. - 80 OBA, fridge, shower, toilet
5.Kevin + Terry - 80 w/fridge, shower, toilet, Terry-Bike Registration sent!
6.Quiggles - 4rnnr
7.Tom R. +1 - mini w/OBA
8.Wes - 70 fridge, TURBO!
9. Mike W.+1 - FZJ80
10. Chris H. - 40 w/fridge?, toilet
11. Ken R. + Rachel - 80 fridge, shower, toilet
12. Dave & Kirsten - mini
13. Loren- FJ-40 registration sent
14. Treeroot - 40w?
Bruce L.- Fly in & ride
Matt M. - rider

?. Gary CW - FZJ-45
? Dan Busey - 80
? Christo - 190
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