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Originally Posted by thenimirra View Post
Thank you! I use a Canon Rebel XTi and I think I was using my Canon 16-35 mm wide angle. I just did some quick retouching in Photoshop CS3.

Everyone was so into their work that it was easy to get some good shots. But I think I had more fun helping Matt remove his chrome!
Sheba, I really enjoyed your shots on your picasa page, so then I visited your web site and blog. My god you're talented!

Being ever so inquisitive, I did a quick search on DPO and read some of your recent articles, and of course your award-winning one on cooking for one.

OBTW, thanks for the KFC too!

I still have some of my own snapshots to chop down and upload here, but would you consider posting some of your WBPP photos direct on this thread?

Question: After reading several of your articles in the Lifestyle section of the Post, I wondered where the ideas for the articles come from. Do you get assignments from your editor? Think them up yourself? Some combination? Something else? Your writing style makes what might be otherwise mundane subjects interesting.
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