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Arrow Checklist of what to bring to Rubithon

The below comments on what to bring for Rubithon were on an old post on Pirate. All vehicles must meet TLCA requirements.

The following are only suggestions. Not everyone brings a chainsaw.

Bring fuel (depending on your estimated usage or just fill up before you hit the trail)
Money for raffle
Tarps are good
Run a bikini top and bring a small tarp for a quick soft top if rain
Camp showers or sun shower bag
Drinking water
Mosquito repellent
Clothes (it gets warm in day and cold at night usually, but also might rain or even snow. Check weather just before trip. Dress in layers)
First Aid Kit
Chainsaw (optional. There are always a few their)
Camp stove or grill
Sun screen
Raffle donations
Trail Snacks-doughnuts
More bug repellent
Porta potty or PETT type portable toilet are required
Ice (may want to look into dry-ice). Dry ice is the ticket if you don't have an ARB fridge. A layer of dry ice with frozen water bottles on top to insulate your food works. Wrap dry Ice in Paper and put at bottom. Don’t use to much or it will freeze your entire Ice Chest.
Bring a small Ice Chest that is readily accessible for drinks, sandwich stuff
Plan your meals loosely, and freeze some of it.
A spill kit
Always bring warm clothes, rain gear; shorts (Pack your clothes up off the floor. You WILL get water in your cab at some point. Make sure your sleeping bag is up there too)
Make up meals, zip lock or seal-a-meal them and freeze them. Adds to the cooling ability.
Zip lock bags of ice. - I had a cooler open in the bowl -- ice everywhere.
Action packers are a nice way to store everything, and it keeps the stuff dry.
Cash for raffle tickets. At least $100. Maybe two.
Toilet kits are required for all Rubithon participants.
First off, think Safety! I want everyone, their equipment and our environment to be safe. No accidents, injuries, spills, etc. Safety first.

Do not under estimate the mosquitoes! Also, bone up on West Nile virus... that info alone will prompt bug juice.
At least one set of warm/rain gear... even if forecasting 100 degree weather.
However, daily attire will probably be t-shirts and shorts.
We are going to try for an ice run again (did not need last year) so if entering early, be sure to sign up for a bag of ice when checking in. This will probably happen on Friday in support of the Marauders.
Be sure to bring your drivers license and ensure your truck is registered or green stickered. You will not even get through Tech without those.
Bring a hat. Sunscreen and aspirin, Pepto Bismo and Tums. Sometimes going from sea level to elevation, doing physical exercise, heat, laughter, can give you a head ache.
Baby wipes are handy for... well, you will figure that out.
Bring some cash. Cash is king. Spare parts, ice, a cold beer, raffle tix.
Bring a positive attitude. As long as you have that, nothing else really matters because everything works out great with a positive attitude.
If you only take one thing from this post, Safety and a positive attitude.
Plastic trash bags are a good thing for containing spills.
BEER. Canned is best- avoid glass if you can. I love bottled beer though.
Non- alcoholic drinks. I bring powdered crystal light or powdered Gatorade and a few gallons of fresh water
A few good sized tarps
Pack your stuff in waterproof containers.
Biodegradable/ eco friendly soaps, a scrubbing sponge, towels
We premix and make most of our food. Use eggbeaters for breakfast. Easy clean up.
Bring Advil to shake off the hangovers

Bring your own utensils to the Sat. night dinner. Don't Forget them for Breakfast on Saturday either.
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