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Originally Posted by Romer View Post
Isn't it funny how the guy who waxes his truck every day is spotless doing a bearing pack
There is a theory in physics that a certain form of dark energy, which we shall call the MMx3 component, cannot be destroyed or transformed into energy, but merely moved from one point to another.

The MMx3 component (Messiness Magnified x3) has moved from my truck to my (new) garage, which is an absolute pit.

I am looking for victims who are willing to be MMx3 magnets. Squishy has helped by taking some of his MMx3 to his new apartment, though we have created more by starting a 22RE light overhaul.

I will have to see if UB wants a tiller (of sufficient capability that we have named it "Attiller the Hun") and a weed whacker (decimator is a better word, with steel blades) capable of felling small trees.

I have an Engnbldr 22RE head to buy. Shortly after that I will have a functioning MMx3 transport conduit. (pickup)
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