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Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
There is a theory in physics that a certain form of dark energy, which we shall call the MMx3 component, cannot be destroyed or transformed into energy, but merely moved from one point to another.

Thread hijack:

My wife comes home tonight. Looks at the whiteboard and reads what I scribbled.

"Honey, what's a Higgins Boson?"

I reply, "Oh just the holy grail of quantum physicists. Higgins came up with the equations to explain how matter has mass back in the 1960s. Now that they're getting ready to fire up that new accelerator in Switzerland in a couple months, they might be able to prove the existence of Higgins Bosons and sew up that theory nicely."

She thinks I'm weird. When I was enthralled with a discovery channel special on the search for absolute zero she asked me "What's the temperature of absolute zero?". Without a pause I replied "minus 273.15 degrees Celsius". Then she looked me in the eyes and said "You're a FREAK!". She was kidding of course. I think.

But physics help us understand a lot of things about our Land Cruisers, from how metal treatment does so many things for so many applications, to how taking a certain line works for your tires and wheelbase but doesn't work for the next rig.

At the next Wheel Bearing Packing Party, we should have a tank of LN2 and dunk all our stuff in there for club-sponsored cryo-party. Yeah...
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