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Default Thanks!

Thanks for calling me out!

We (my family) recently relocated from San Diego to Colorado Springs. We're finally getting settled in here and starting to get out.

I drove my LX450 out here 2 weeks ago, then, a week later went out to Moab for 4 days! That was my first "real" 4WD trip. I've spent a bunch of time in the deserts & mountains of Southern California, but that was mostly 2 and easy 3 type trails.

We did Steel Bender, Gold Bar Rim, Metal Masher, and a few other non-CM trails. Speaking of CM, we won't be able to make it this year (too close to our bi-annual trip to Kauai).

The LX blew me away with its capability. With 33's, 2.5 OME and SliderSteps, its two week points were 1) the driver, and 2) the trailer hitch. I've got a Slee rear bumper on order to address #2, and time will help #1

I'm looking forward to meeting y'all at Chinaman's Gulch on April Fools Day!
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