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Originally Posted by LEXUSBEN View Post
My two questions:

1. Anybody have an extra seat they'd be willing to share? (I have bribes, ie arb fridge, pett toilet, hell I'd probably even change your broken birf while you watched and had a )
2. Would anyone be willing to p/u and drop me off in Reno?

Would love to go on this.

Let me know what you think.
I told Bill he'd have a seat in my 40 if he wanted it. If he doesn't want it, you're welcome to it. A toilet would be nice. I'll be at Robb's Tuesday with the group and could be part of a shuttle service. I'm going to be trying to boogie out of there right away on Sunday and would be happy to drop you by the airport on the way out. As of this moment I'm planning on flat towing my 40 with my 80, so I'll have plenty of room.
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