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Originally Posted by LEXUSBEN View Post
Well I just found out on Monday that the meeting I had to go to instead of the Rubithon was cancelled.

But with CM so close and plans made I don't necessarily want take a bunch of time off to drive to the Rubicon and back. (Although a road trip would be fun) I was thinking about flying into Reno Tuesday and back out on Sunday evening.

I'm trying to work out some logistics from airport to Georgetown and back on Sunday.

My two questions:

1. Anybody have an extra seat they'd be willing to share? (I have bribes, ie arb fridge, pett toilet, hell I'd probably even change your broken birf while you watched and had a )
2. Would anyone be willing to p/u and drop me off in Reno?

Would love to go on this.

Let me know what you think.

I will have an open shotgun seat for the trail in my FJ40 if anyone needs one.
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