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Originally Posted by PabloCruise View Post
Trail Assignments

Thurs Fri Sat

Wipe Out Hill (gun) Porcipine Rim(gun) Chicken Corners

I am jonesing for Moab bad!!!

A question for you all who were just out there:

I will be wheeling Pig this year, no lift, on 31's. The body is very nice as Pigs go, and I want to keep rockers and quarters intact.

Are Wipe Out Hill and Porcopine Rim wise choices for this rig? Does Wipe Out have a bypass for the actual obstacle?
I haven't run Porcupine rim, but Wipeout Hill will be no problem for a stock pig. If you take the direct, steep line down wipeout hill you will have no chance of damage. All the wagons on our run last year ran it down and up no problem.

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