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It was a great day. We rushed to the trail head through mud and snow, thinking we'd be late. We arrived around 9:50, only to find that we were the first ones there.

There wasn't much snow to speak of. It's good to see that the vegetation is starting to come back after the fire. We're really lucky to still have this trail.

There were 3 people from Colorado Land Cruisers, 3 from Rising Sun, & 2 from Ram Charger Central in our group. We also met a group of about 22 from Colorado Christian 4x4 club.

We descended an intimidating hill, with a rock outcropping just begging to tear your vehicle open like a can opener. But, we continued on.

There was a very steep rock face just before you get to the river, but we all made it down without mishap.

Keep in mind that we had to go back up the same way we came down, which had us wondering if we'd ever make it out!

We stopped for lunch at the river. It was the perfect place to relax and talk about past and future modifications to our rigs. The kids that came along looked like they were having a blast playing in the river!

This is a perfect trail for capable stock vehicles all the way up to moderately built ones. Hope to see YOU there next time!
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