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Too much to do and so little time...Panic has officially set in!

Completed so far:

(1) PHH and FHH hoses replaced (80 series owners will understand and yes my arms are beat to sh*%)
(2) Starter rebuilt (having the starter out almost make the PHH easy to get to - Considered for about 30 seconds replacing the fuel filter while it was out)
(3) Majority of cooling system hoses replaced - some Dan sent me I couldn't figure where the heck they went and some a couple I decided to forgo till the next time. Most of them are stuck so well I gave up trying to get both ends off and was just happy the end I did get off went back on
(4) Have the new rotors attached to the hubs with new rear hub seals and repacked bearings waiting to go back on
(5) Replaced my tire carrier bottom seal I boogered up last year on install and put in new grease (PS it is much harder to fix this after installed than during install should anyone repeat my mistake )
(6) Helped (very little) at the Nakman & Farr lift install party

Left to do

(1) Flush the cooling system and refill (still trying to figure out how to do this on a rig sitting on jackstands )
(2) Put rotors/hubs back on
(3) Replace front brake pads (100 series)
(4) Flush and bleed brake system
(5) Clean air filter
(6) Complete tune up (*)
(7) Install winch quick disconnect (*)
(8) Fix winch (*)
(9) Adj parking brake (*)
(10) Fill CO2 bottle (*)
(11) All the other crap I'm forgetting

* = not likely to get done

At this point I'm just hoping to get the LX road worthy again and make it to Moab...
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