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Finished this weekend:

-Installed second fuse panel.
-Wired up my CB.
-Wired up my dedicated ARB freezer outlet
-Wired up my dedicated GPS outlet.
-Wired up my future stereo.
-New terminal on battery.
-Ground strap on the tire carrier.
-Started wiring Hella 4000's
-Cleaned out Tuffy and Glove box.

To do this week/weekend:
-Finish Hellas
-New juices all around.
-Adjust valves.
-Check winch for opperation.
-Rotate tires.
-Pressure wash the undercarriage.
-Decide if weather is topless or hardtop, remove if possible.
-Reposition CB antenna.
-Fab Hi-lift mount for spare tire.
-Fab 4 hold downs for cargo area.

Wash and wax and wipe down...
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