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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
Just curious, don't know exactly where to go for the Overnight Run (or more specifically, where to go the night before so I can meet up with the group and sleep easy knowing that I'm safe and sound ), .

I can tell you where to go for the overnight run, but that's no guarantee about you being safe and sound.

Most of the group will be camped in the campground located in Comb Wash, about 20 miles from Blanding. Basically head South from Moab till you get to Blanding. Mile or two South of town is the turn off for highway 95. turn onto that road heading West. About 20 miles later you go through a large cut in the mountain and drop down into Comb Wash. There is a dirt road at the base of the hill as you drop down, turn left on that dirt road into the large Cottonwood Trees. There is a camp ground there with some primative toilets. That's were we will camp and leave from there in the morning for the trailruns.
We'll split into two groups with half of the people doing Arch Canyon the first day and half the group doing Hotel Rock the first day. Not sure if Rising Sun has designated cb channels for each run or not. It will probably be in the packets that you'll get when you tech inspect your vehicle in Moab on Tuesday. I will probably be hitting Moab around 4-5pm on Tuesday to pick up stuff before heading down to camp. If you want to wait till then, We can caravan together, otherwise, see you there.

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