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Default Hole in the Rock Question

Got this from Mark. Someone please PM him on Mud with the answer. I won't be around

Originally Posted by 65swb45
Originally Posted by Romer
Originally Posted by 65swb45
Wondering if you can help me out with a little info. I am supposed to be going on the overnight run, but I haven't heard from anyone about where that run is supposed to meet. I did hear that it is almost 2 hours from town. I would like to avoid driving BACK up the highway I am coming in on [from the north] if it turns out the rendezvous point is up there.

Soooo, if you know anything about this, could you please let me know. I am leaving Monday morning.


Mark A.

I have no idea

I would post up in the Rising Sun Forum. I would dig into it for you but I am leaving in the morning.
Thanks Ken. I tried to do that, but apparantly I need a different log-in to post in that forum. Could you paste my inquiry up as a new thread and ask someone to PM me? I'd appreciate it.

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