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Well, I finally got nder the truck to do the maintenance.

I Changed the engine oil. (1x/year)

I put all new coathanger on the exhaust system. (OK, I replaced some with an actual mount, still temporary. maybe it'll get bashed off for good this trip!)

I fixed my ARB air line leaks finally.

I put one of marlin's fancy axle seals in the short side. Whadda mess. The other side weeps too, but not as bad. Old seal sure looked good. (shrugs)

I found a large bolt missing from the T-case mount. I have 2, so it wasn't a big deal, but i went to the junk yard and got another one and put it on.

I would like to do some cosmetic stuff, but that is always secondary to reliability, and safety. (I guess that makes it tertiary!)

I think I'll be ready to go tomorrow night!
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