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Originally Posted by ScaldedDog View Post
I must have passed you just before that happened. (Silver 4Runner behind a black Excursion). We were leapfrogging on the hills, then you weren't there anymore...

Sounds like you're being well taken care of, though.

Yep, I could catch up on the downhill only to fade back going uphill, true 62 performance.

Originally Posted by Rezarf View Post
Bummer Bro, let us know if you need rescuing okay? I hope it is an easy (read inexpensive) fix...

...btw, when did you stop being "redcruiser?"
Not as easy as a leaf spring center bolt on the trail Drew.

(Red Cruiser ended pretty much when I sold to Woody/Mud and picked up my 55 and got involved with Front Range 4x4.)

Thanks guys, hoping it's not a big deal but
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