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Just got back about 8, what a great trip!

Here's the list:
Friday (4/25 ) - 3D, which winds around in the Tusher Tunnel and Wipeout Hill area, then ends up in Bartlett Wash and doing an overlook of Hidden Canyon
Saturday - Tower Arch in N. Arches NP, great hike/drive for anyone wanting to see a somewhat secluded arch!
Sunday - was going to mtb Cliffhanger (Amasa Back), but ended up prerunning Porcupine Rim with Ige, Squishy and Red Chili. Talked on 2m to some Norcal guys in the Maze - 40+ miles at 5W was clear as a bell, one guy hit us on his HT at 1/4W!
Monday - was going to mtb Porcupine Rim but spent the morning adjusting my voltage regulator and then preran Fins with the above plus the Romer clan, Hatfield, Jethro and Robbie.
Tuesday - preran Hells Revenge with Farnham and the Romer clan and Oscar from Georgia, and did Tipover Challenge, which was cool for me! Then left for the Overnight Run, hit the Monticello repeater (the Moab repeaters seem to not work), so that was cool to make sure my radio was dialed in properly.
Wednesday - Arch Canyon, lots of fun, very scenic!
Thursday - Hotel Rock, very cold and windy, but another great and challenging trail! Froze my butt off (even with a down jacket) on the way back to Moab because it was like -40 going through Monticello at 7200ft!
Friday - Led Porcupine Rim, had a great day and everyone seemed to walk away happy and with lots of smiles and great poser pics on the big rock!
Saturday - Elephant Hill - I've done some hiking down there and have forgotten how beautiful it is, what a great trail! Drove the whole thing without adding any fuel, when I filled up Sunday morning I put in about 14.6 gallons! It was pretty empty!
Sunday - Did Rose Garden Hill with Martin on the way home, that was a pretty difficult climb, but very gratifying!
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