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I have way too many tools, like 16mm sockets and 8 philips screwdrivers but no regulars, etc. I'll be going through a lot of that and trying to trim down what I can. Also too much recovery stuff, like a bag full of Hi Lift things I've never even used (the baseplate, those chain things, the Sleedaptor, etc.) I guess we all need to carry a Hi Lift though, that's on the requirement list, too bad I kind of liked how mine was at home in the garage during Moab, I didn't miss it one bit.

For parts I've got some spare belts, also bearings, front axle parts, and fluids about one container of everything. I agree we all don't need to bring spare birfields and driveshafts, and 4 or 5 hub sockets between us ought to be more than plenty. We should also talk about food. I think we should have a planning meeting some point in the near future to nail down exactly what we need and who can carry it, spreading some of the weight across the group. I'm willing to host that if you guys don't mind driving up here.
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