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Originally Posted by nakman View Post

We should also talk about food. I think we should have a planning meeting some point in the near future to nail down exactly what we need and who can carry it, spreading some of the weight across the group. I'm willing to host that if you guys don't mind driving up here.
Definitely. Between all of who have fridges we should be able to divvy up some stuff. Breakfast - do we cook eggs or bring milk for cereal?, Lunch - Lunch meat or tuna, bread, mayo, cheese maybe? Dinner - we could probably get creative and pre-make chili or gumbo and freeze enough for everyone. I saw a dutch oven at Costco Saturday. Does anyone have one of those? Should we get one? Steaks or burgers one night, I assume?

I'll probably be up for at least one shower on the trip, maybe more. Who has showers? I figure toilets aren't to much of a problem.

We need to meet. Sooner than later, probably. It will be here before we know it.
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