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If you guys a traveling together, then 2 sets of tools should be plenty. Make sure you have a front and rear driveshaft. Trunion bearings, one front hub with wheelbearings, knuckle studs, cone washers and all associated hardware for a front axle. 54 nuts, star washer, lock washer.

Also a set of hub studs, cone washers, nuts and dowel pins. As well as the drill bit the same size and the dowel pins. A spare drive flange with one of the knubs ground down so you can use it for the template to relocate the dowel pins in case you shear them off. Can also use this driveplate for a spare.

Valve steps, tire plug kit. 6 spare wheel studs and 6 lug nuts. Press these into the tire carrier on the bumper and remove them if needed.

All the bolts from a knuckle assembly as well. The top trunion cap, caliper bolts etc. Set of front and rear brake pads. Also try to get a brake line cap (old brake line fitting with a small piece of line that is soldered shut) Helps to cap the brake system if you trash a brake line.

For 80 guys I would also relocate the rear hard line on the axle to above the panhard mount. The current location leaves much to be desired for ending up in a rock garden.

Look at your rear axle on the DS side right behind the panhard bar and you will see what I mean.

Also, unless everyone has replaced their high pressure and low pressure steering hoses I would take a spare of those, as well as one pump.

I would also have a spare set of rod ends as well as a tie rod and drag link.

If you spread this out between the group then the weight should not be such a big issue.
Christo Slee
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