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Great photos Matt!

Those Tunnels are sort of fun. A great spot for the family. Many years ago Ginger and I were in Moab with a mini truck clubmate. He had some friends who met him there from CO. Anyway, we decided to go explore Tusher on our own. Boy, this will date the trip. I was driving our V8j60. That morning the mini truck guy spotted me really poorly on Golden Spike so bad that I smashed my driveshaft into an L shape. Right after this he said to me, "Hmmm! Land Cruisers diffs are offset to the right!" Duh! I could have smacked him really hard at that point. So when we went to Tusher Tunnel we were in front wheel drive only. It is pretty exciting driving a V8 powered front wheel drive Cruiser. Needless to say after several almost stucks, my wife was not thinking this was too much fun. Going out alone on a trail in the evening returning after dark in a 2wd Cruiser, not one of my brighter ideas.

The burgers reminded me of my local club. We cook burgers on every monthly club run. We have a huge grill we tote along. It is a lot of fun as it provides some non-wheeling social time. In the olden days we wrapped them in foil and used welding gloves to fetch them out of the fire. Not as cool as a seal puller, but still a tool.
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