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Default 80 acting up since Moab

My 80 has been acting a little strange the last week or 2. Before Moab the truck was sideswiped and I had to replace the steering box. After a quick alignment, she was driving great. Added a 2.5" lift 2 days before Moab, the drive out was perfect, 90+MPH with no issues on I70. Drove trails for a week, everything seemed fine, late in the week I noticed the alignement was off, the steering wheel is pointed slightly to the right when the wheels are pointed straight ahead. I will take it back to Bear this week. Everything still tracks good though. Get some high pitched squealing and scraping, probably front brake pads, will check those this weekend. Now I notice a vibration or noise, especially around 30-40 MPH. Seems to increase when I give it gas, but if I let off the gas is goes away, and if I put it in neutral and give it gas, I don't hear it at all, so I don't think it is engine related. Driveshaft maybe?? The drive home from Moab was fine. Sometimes there is a slight hesitation from a dead stop...and at a stop light it sometimes feels like the engine has a slight miss every once in awhile. Just changed the oil before Moab, will replace spark plugs and air filter this weekend. Any ideas on the vibration?? Thanks 80 experts.

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