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Ken, we're just going to drink beer and talk about the Rubithon, geez... just like every other night except face to face instead of on the computer.

Agenda (please add to it as necessary)

1. Food
-What do you all want to do for dinner on Monday night? How about Tuesday morning? great. We can eat lunch then get groceries in Reno on Tuesday, and plan the rest of the week's meals over beers on Monday night. There will also be lots of time in Reno on Tuesday for shopping.

So for Monday night, I vote for the big meal action while camping, how about fajitas?

2. Parts:
-Exactly how many of what vehicle types are going? (make a list)
-Brainstorm what spare parts do we need to collectively bring, based on what vehicles are going? (make a list, also some on the forum here)
-Review each item on the list, and initial who has one and will bring it, who has one but prefers someone else bring it, and who's willing to buy/borrow one and then bring it. Do this for every item. Some of this is here on the forum, not all of it.

3. Tools:
-Aside from the basics, what tools do we collectively need? (drills, grinders, SST's..)
-review list, then identify by each item who has it and will bring it, who has it and wants someone else to bring it, and who's willing to buy/borrow one and then bring it. Do this for every item.

4. Fluids (for vehicle use only)
-How much of what fluids should we collectively have? (ATF, oil, gear oil, grease, water, etc.)
-based on above, who has and will bring what quantity of what, and who will purchase and bring what's missing?

5. Camping stuff:
-How many types of cooking doodads do we collectively need as a group? (burner stoves, grills, blenders, green cans of gas, etc.)
-Who will bring what, and what needs to be purchased and who will do that?
-Remember Rising Sun needs to represent on Friday and Saturday nights.. do we want to do a big canopy? (bunch of tarps?) projector? laser show? Anyone know how to play a banjo?

6. Recovery gear:
-What stuff should everyone have in their truck (one strap, hi lift, bottle jack, first aid kit, etc.)
-What additional stuff should we collectively bring as a group? (snatch blocks, hi-lift accessories, shovels, saws...)
-Who will bring, buy, or borrow anything missing from above?

7. Health & Safety stuff:
-Anyone have any special needs or allergies or anything the group should know? Anyone an herbivore? for example if Gavin was going I'd tell you all he was allergic to peanuts and peanut butter..
-Anyone besides Chris a Master Resuscitator?

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