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Original Post:
  1. Sliders -Red_Chili Built
  2. Fixing and Herculining the rocker panels -Done (minus Herculining)
  3. Budbuilt cross member -Done
  4. Budbuilt IFS and engine skid -Done
  5. Marlin 4.7 t-case -Done!
  6. Ball Joint spacers (1.5" of front end lift and increased travel) -Done
  7. Ball Joints - Done
  8. Alignment -Done, but still slight left pull
  9. Shocks -Done
  10. Rebuild brakes -Done
  11. Replace rear spring and frame bushings and install greaseable shackles -Done (Not doing greaseable shackles until I rebuild the springs)
  12. Buy some spares -Mostly Done
  13. Replace O2, plug wires, ECT, TVV -Done (except Fuel Pressure Reg., that's gonna wait)
  14. Reinforce rear bumper -Done, Marlin Bumper
  15. 33x10.50 BFG MTs -Done
  16. Fixing up under dash wiring for accessories (it's a hodge-podge) -Not Done, just hacked in a fridge circuit
  17. Fridge -Done
  18. Total Fluidectomy -Still need to do an oil change, about it
  19. Build Fridge Mount -Engel Slide Lock bolted in
  20. Middle Skid/Cross Member -Holben Arts Built
  21. Hi-Lift mount on the ARB -Holben Arts Built
  22. Grease Drive shafts
  23. PACK!
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