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Default IFS Mini Spare Steering Parts

So, question about IFS steering (OK, this is probably directed at AxleIke) spare parts. If, say, one had a Total Chaos idler arm that required one to drill out the steering relay rod to 5/8", thus rendering it no longer usable with a stock idler arm. And one wanted to consolidate spare parts to minimize weight and space, what option do you think is the best solution?

Assumption: A second TC idler arm, being $325 now 4 years later, is 100% out of the question.

1. Continue to carry both a stock relay rod and idler arm, if one of them fails, change both.
2. Just drill out a relay rod to 5/8" already and ditch the spare stock idler arm.

I guess I'm asking, have you ever heard of a trail like, oh just for the sake of argument, the Rubicon, breaking a Total Chaos idler arm? I'd have to guess that if a TC idler broke, it's because the frame behind came with it.
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